Presentations of project activities organized by the Center for Vocational and Adult Education (Belgrade, Serbia)

Center for Vocational Education and Adult Education, organized a meeting – forum on Monday, May 8th, 2023 at the Institute for the Improvement of Education and Training, Belgrade, Serbia. The goal of the meeting – the forum is to connect teaching with representatives of higher education and project activities in order to achieve good cooperation in the field of familiarization with theoretical and practical concepts for the application of necessary interventions and appropriate solutions. At this forum, the principal investigator, Danijela Kirovski, Ph.D., DVM, Full Professor, presented our project entitled: Mitigation of methane production from dairy cattle farm by nutritive modulation of cow`s metabolismMitiMetCattle, in a frame of a lecture entitled: Reduction of methane production from the dairy farms by nutritive modulation of metabolism (see Agenda and Presentation).


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